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Imox Maya

David Hernandez aka Imox maya was born in Guatemala in the year 1983. On the road before he started his music career he learned from the wisdom of varios tribes like Mayan, Aztek, Huichol, etc. Which later will be the fundaments of his music. Starting with psytrance DJ-sessions in the year 2000 in Central America and Mexico, he found his way to DJ performance and production studies in Argentina. In the year 2003 he started producing his own sound to share his message of life with all the people around the globe. After years of hard working he is producing his music, guided with the spirit of mother earth, and developing his sound in order to create a perfect fusion between ancient mayan wisdom and powerfull psytrance and chill out. Imox maya has been playing all over Europe and Latin-Amerika in clubs, outdoor parties and festivals, Now living in Ibiza he is influenced with the creative energies of this island, creating a new dimension of sound and designing healing frequencies for the music. In the early beginning of 2008 the project Ibiza psytrance Frequency was born, which created new input in his organising and producing qualities. Together with this parties organisation he became the main promotor of the Sumeria deco team which provides many parties and festivals the necesary colors. The winter 2010 he has released his first EP album: Hunab-ku universe. Later on he has released many tracks on numerous V.A. compilations whit international artists. In the year 2012 he has released the album Shamanik motion which includes magic sounds recorded in temazkal rituals from powerful shamans in Mexico and Guatamala. Listening to this music will bring you in a magical trance journey of nature and psychedelic sounds. Using healing frequencies and Combining low bass lines, he creates a variated soundscape for a wide public.

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